ACC 370 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work




ACC 370 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work


ACC 370 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion

Explore the FASB Codification website using the login information provided in the course syllabus. Explain one piece of new information that you learned by exploring the FASB Codification (cite the Codification section so that your classmates can find the same information), and post one new question that you have since exploring this site. Participate in follow-up discussion by answering questions posed by your classmates. Your initial post should be 250-500, and should demonstrate solid academic writing skills.

ACC 370 Grand Canyon Week 2 Assignment


Complete the following exercises and/or problems in the textbook.

Exercise 3-1

Exercise 3-2

Exercise 3-6

Exercise 3-12

Problem 3-4

Problem 3-9

Prepare your assignment in Excel. Name your file LastnameFirstinitial.ACC370.HW2.

Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of the topic.

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