ECN 601 Grand Canyon Week 8 Complete Work (January 2016)




ECN 601 Grand Canyon Week 8 Complete Work (January 2016)


ECN 601 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion 1 (January 2016)

The U.S. has historically low interest rates at present. How would you predict these would impact the value of the dollar on foreign exchange markets? How, in turn, would these low interest rates impact our balance of trade? Explain your answers.


ECN 601 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion 2 (January 2016)

Why would nations favor fixed vs. floating exchange rates for their currencies? Why do some developing nations have a “fear of the float?”

ECN 601 Grand Canyon Week 8 Assignment (January 2016)

Chapter 15 and 16 Problems


Complete the following:

1-    Chapter 15, Technical Questions 1 (modified) and 3 in the textbook.

2-    Chapter 15, Application Question 3 in the textbook.

(Question 1 should read, “Show the effect of dollar appreciation and depreciation with the yen on the price of U.S. exports and imports by updating Table 15.2.)

Follow these instructions for completing and submitting your assignment:

1-    Place all answers, both numerical and written, in a single excel spreadsheet.

2-    Place each problem into a separate tab or sheet in an Excel file.

3-    Place labels on spreadsheet inputs and outputs, and use the yellow highlighter on the top menu bar to highlight your final answer.

4-    If the question incorporates graphs, you must replicate the graph on your spreadsheet file.

5-    Do not submit Word files or multiple files for a single assignment.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

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