ELM 351 Full Course Discussions GCU




ELM 351 Full Course Discussions GCU

ELM 351 Topic 1 DQ 1

How does arts integration in the social studies classroom appeal to various learning styles and engagement for all students? Consider music, drama, and visual arts in your answer.

ELM 351 Topic 1 DQ 2

Students frequently enter the classroom wanting to discuss current events that may not be aligned to the standards-based curriculum. How can a teacher guide discussion and encourage critical thinking while still adhering to the required content?

ELM 351 Topic 2 DQ 1

Teachers have an array of media options available to them that bring historical events to life in their classroom and allow students to “experience” these events. Choose a historical event and one appropriate media resource, explaining how the resource brings the historical topic to life.

ELM 351 Topic 2 DQ 2

What considerations must be made to ensure students use technology in appropriate, safe, and effective ways? How can you promote responsible technology use among your students?

ELM 351 Topic 3 DQ 1

How would you handle a classroom discussion in which a student’s opinion of a social studies concept does not agree with your own?

ELM 351 Topic 3 DQ 2

How can using primary resources within social studies lessons engage students in learning and communicating about historical content? Provide specific examples of primary resources related to American History.

ELM 351 Topic 4 DQ 1

Technology is sometimes seen as an isolating concept. How can technology resources be used to encourage collaboration and increase students’ critical thinking skills in social studies instruction? Be specific.

ELM 351 Topic 4 DQ 2

How can technology bring the arts to life for students? Provide links to three resources that could be used to integrate the arts into a social studies classroom?

ELM 351 Topic 5 DQ 1

In what scenarios would small group activities not be the most productive instructional strategy for teaching social studies or the arts?

ELM 351 Topic 5 DQ 2

Identify and describe two recommended strategies to incorporate student experiences, cultures, and community resources into instruction in social studies and the arts. How do these strategies increase student engagement?

ELM 351 Topic 6 DQ 1

How can teachers incorporate student experiences, culture, and communities into social studies and arts instruction if your classroom demographic is not very diverse? Provide 2-3 examples.

ELM 351 Topic 6 DQ 2

How can the art of storytelling be incorporated into social studies and arts instruction? Discuss one example of a social studies standard that could be assessed through storytelling.

ELM 351 Topic 7 DQ 1

Describe your interpretation of authentic assessment and how to identify whether an assessment is authentic. How are authentic assessments developed to meet the needs of standards-based instruction? Cite 1-2 sources to support your position.

ELM 351 Topic 7 DQ 2

What are the challenges that come with assessing the arts? How can you encourage your students in their creative expression and still assess the learning objectives?

ELM 351 Topic 8 DQ 1

Identify a website dedicated to encouraging self-expression in elementary students. How could this be integrated into an opportunity for engaged learning in social studies and the arts? Include the website URL in your response.

ELM 351 Topic 8 DQ 2

How would you explain the benefits of project-based learning to families who may be more familiar with paper/pencil assessments? Respond as if you are answering a parent email.


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