ENG 106 Grand Canyon Week 7 Discussions




ENG 106 Grand Canyon Week 7 Discussions


ENG 106 Grand Canyon Week 7 Discussion 1

In the lecture, Rebekah Taylor’s argument in “A Letter to Jim” follows a particular arrangement of ideas. Your proposal should do the same thing. In other words, your proposal should follow this outline:

  1. Open cordially and introduce the issue
  2. Summarize the opposing view fairly and accurately while recognizing their importance
  3. Summarize your own view of the issue without arguing that the opposing views are wrong
  4. Find common ground on which to build a compromise
  5. Argue in favor of a perspective that both you and your skeptical audience can agree on
  6. Propose a compromise

To what extent did you arrange your letter to follow this organizational pattern? To what extent does it deviate from this organizational pattern? How do you plan to fix the pattern of arrangement in your letter?


ENG 106 Grand Canyon Week 7 Discussion 2

In the lecture, we discussed how the Rogerian style of argument requires a conciliatory style. How does Rebekah Taylor show Jim that she means no harm and that she does not wish to pursue a heated debate? How well does your own letter follow Rebekah Taylor’s example? What did you do well? How could you improve? Provide some examples.

During the week, respond to your classmates’ posts and comment on their use of a conciliatory style.

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