HCA 827 Topic 6 Discussions GCU




HCA 827 Topic 6 Discussions GCU

HCA 827 Topic 6 DQ 1

Stakeholder feedback comes from a variety of sources in the contemporary, connected world including patient and employee perspectives as well as the views of community and government. As a health care leader, what research-based approach would you take to reduce staff anxiety and improve staff opinions with regard to the use of patient satisfaction questions as a tool for organizational decision making? Why would you take this approach?

HCA 827 Topic 6 DQ 2

There is a trend toward including patients on committees and boards of health care organizations as a means of gathering stakeholder feedback and creating a structure of shared governance with stakeholders. Is this a valid means of gathering stakeholder feedback? Why or why not? Should health care organizations continue the trend toward creating shared governance with stakeholders? Why or why not?

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