HCA 827 Topic 7 Discussions GCU




HCA 827 Topic 7 Discussions GCU

HCA 827 Topic 7 DQ 1

Quality safe care is the ethically responsible thing to do and, as such, it requires an ethically responsible budget. However, quality safe care typically costs more at the time of service. As a health care leader facing economically driven funding cuts, what strategy might you employ to steer the organization to the creation and maintenance of an ethically responsible budget that assures quality safe care? Why would you choose this strategy?

HCA 827 Topic 7 DQ 2

Quality safe care tends to cost more initially, but many believe that it ultimately reduces costs because it allows for more money to be spent on care than on lawsuits, relapses, infections, and other unwanted consequences. To what extent is the delivery of quality safe care a factor of the work environment? Explain. Does ethics education play a role in the creation of a work environment dedicated to quality safe care? Why or why not?

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