TSL 552 Topic 1 Discussions GCU




TSL 552 Topic 1 Discussions GCU

TSL 552 Topic 1 DQ 1

Literacy involves more than just reading and writing. It also includes speaking, listening, and facility with digital media. With this definition in mind, what are some techniques you might use to bring literacy into preschool through 12th grade bilingual classrooms?  Cite any sources used in APA Style.

TSL 552 Topic 1 DQ 2

From your required readings, identify one theory or concept related to biliteracy or second language acquisition/development. How does this theory relate to the work you currently are doing or want to do with second language students? Identify and explain one technique that can be used to support language acquisition/development and literacy in a preschool through 12th grade bilingual classroom. Your response should be 200 or more words. Cite at least one source using APA Style.

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