What is meant by marketing math in pricing? Discuss the significance




MKT 315 Topic 5 Discussions GCU

MKT 315 Topic 5 DQ 1

What is meant by marketing math in pricing? Discuss the significance of marketing math in overall marketing success. Provide an example that supports your ideas. In replies to peers, provide additional examples that support those posted by your peers.

MKT 315 Topic 5 DQ 2

View “Pricing and Breakeven Analysis.” A break-even analysis can be used to determine the amount of sales volume a business needs to start making a profit. List the formula used to conduct a break-even analysis and explain each component. Provide a real-world example of how the break-even analysis and formula could be applied. In replies to peers, discuss other marketing math methods that could be employed by the business as it tracks profitability.



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